Meet + Greet

Liz Williams
Event Planner & Stylist
Home & Office Organization Specialist

Born and raised in Clovis, CA, Liz has a passion and deep-seated love for her native community. Growing up loving art + design, Liz always has her hands in some creative endeavor. Self-decribed as a "hug dealer," Liz tries to bring a sprit of brevity, fun, and heart everywhere she goes. She lives her life with a great love for Jesus and hopes this shines through as she works with each team member and client. Her secret skills include cracking an egg one handed, freaking people out with her double jointed elbows, and speaking in a Minnesotan accent.


Her decision to develop Elizabeth Williams Designs was a long time coming. Liz was blessed to come from a long line of incredibly creative souls, and she spent much of her childhood soaking up all the lessons she could. She always enjoys decorating the family table for holidays and is an Excel spreadsheet fanatic. Her heart is to bring an air of joy to clients while leading them on a stress-free journey to truly enjoy whatever project they pursue. 


Elizabeth Williams designs provided me with the most gorgeous setting for my baby shower. I met with Elizabeth and gave her a vague idea of what I wanted and she created gorgeous displays, backdrops, and arrangements that went far above and beyond what I had expected. She has an incredible eye for turning spaces into a visual delight. She was prompt in arriving and setting up, and also very thorough and prompt in cleaning up afterwards. I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism and artistic flair. Her pricing is reasonable and fair and worth every penny.

- Miranda P.

Julieta castillo
Executive Assistant 
Event Stylist

Julieta Castillo was born and raised in the beautiful town of Fresno, California. At a young age Julieta was in a Clovis church group, the Sun Beans, where she developed a love for her community and found her creativity skills flourished! While earning her Sun Bean Badges, Julieta promised to love God; to be loving and kind to all. She continually stands by this, and displays such with the team and each client. 


Julieta and her fiancee have the sweetest, most wonderful son and 3 beautiful dogs. Julieta loves to spend time with her family. If she's not working or creating jaw-dropping events, you can catch her visiting with family + friends. Family time is very special to her as she loves to be in the comfort of her home. 


 Julieta loves to decorate which makes her an incredible stylist! Holidays, in particular, are very exciting for her. She loves sharing ideas, and tips and tricks with others! Julieta can't help but feel over joyed when clients comment that her balloon creations were the highlight of the room! From simple to extravagant, Julieta knows that each creation was completed with passion, patience and love.


Liz did a PHENOMENAL job helping me plan and execute my friends baby shower. She took my vision for the event and made it ten times better. I was so impressed with her creative and collaborative design. She took all of my anxiety away from the big day. Thank you, Liz, I barely lifted a finger during the whole process!

- Cal L.

Augie valencia
Production & Development Strategist

Augie is a one-of-a-kind team member that can strategize through a myriad of project challenges! And with a background in art, he also has a great eye for styling. 

Growing up in Atwater, California, Augie had a knack for creating graffiti art pieces on paper, backpacks, books, and faces. Fun fact: he used to breakdance too! In 2011, he married his beautiful wife, Lorena and they share a sweet-as-pie 7 year old daughter, Delilah. His favorite time of day is when Delilah jumps up and down when she sees her daddy returning from work (awh!).

In his free time, you can find Augie spending time with family or at the gym. He has a passion for fitness and his dedication is inspiring. The entire team feels blessed to work with Augie as he brings a sense of humor and professionalism, while overseeing all construction aspects of our installations.


We hired Liz for my brother's 18th birthday party to create a balloon wall with marquee numbers in front of it. Liz took my notes and brought my idea to life. It was absolutely perfect! She took care of the balloons as well as finding affordable marquee numbers. I could not have asked for a better designer for the party! Liz will 100% be doing all my parties from here on out. She puts complete thought into all her work and goes above and beyond! Thank you Liz!

- Leena K.

Sue williams
Warehouse Manager
Resident Mama

If you have a talented mama, you bet she's going to be looped in! Having a natural ability to organize, problem solve, and find the joy in it all, Sue makes the ideal Warehouse Manager. Her abilities extend beyond the realm of efficiency as she is also a very talented artist. You can find her on the weekends in her home studio working on watercolors, drawing, sewing, and creating in general.

Raised in Simi Valley, this native California girl first moved to Fresno in the 1970's. She later met the love of her life and they have been happily married since 1990. 


Sue is a great asset to the team and occasionally joins the team on site!'s good to have a resident mama to dole out hugs when needed!


Thank you both again. It is now a room I actually am happy to be in rather than dreading.

- Katie G.