We consider each event and organization project an individual work of art.

With this said, we try to be transparent in our base pricing but with such

uniqueness it's hard to give exact pricing!


We offer our free consultations so we can provide you a proposal with a quick turnaround so we can get right down to it and assist you with your

upcoming dreamy event or groovy organization project!


Ready to talk about your upcoming event or start of your organization project? Contact us!

When you call, email, or send a request via our website we will reach out ASAP to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation with you. 

We are happy to meet in person (location is up to you!), by FaceTime, phone call, or Zoom. We find it's best to have a conversation so we discourage texting or email for our initial chat.

*All organization project consultations take place in person so we can really see the space we're working with.


Our Hourly fee = $35/hour

Our hourly fee reflects the foundation of our pricing. In developing your proposal, we estimate the number of hours it will take to complete your project. The total amount of hours is multiplied by our hourly rate of $35. This rate is displayed very clearly on your proposal. 

1. Complete Complimentary Consultation

2. Review Proposal emailed to you

3. Accept Proposal and get excited!

4. Sign Contract emailed to you

5. Pay Deposit (60% of Invoice total is paid as the    deposit and is applied towards the total cost)

6. Set up next meeting date + time with Staff 

7. We get started on your project! Release all the      stress and know you can contact at any time by      phone, text, or email.

How does it work?


Materials fee = 5% Charge

Pshewy it's a process locating all the spectacular items we want to include for your project... But, we absolutely love searching around to find the best price! To cover our labor during this hunt, we charge an additional 5% of all materials purchased. This is included in the total material price listed on your proposal. 

Enjoy the process

We believe you should live life clutter-free and celebrate every beautiful moment it brings your way.


We ensure our step-by-step explanation of the process is clear from start to finish. Our favorite compliment is, "I wasn't stressed at all!" Plus, we strive to make your experience positive, calm, and enjoyable in planning your event or organizing your home or office.


Questions? Unsure if you should go with red or purple? A last minute detail came to mind? You can contact us at any point by phone, email, or text. We work to keep communication as easy as possible!

Elizabeth Williams Designs


Text or Call: 559-549-7949 

Contact Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

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